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A Word from the Editor

After eleven years and over 10,000 ads, we have decided to call it quits here at The On Line Radio Trader (OLRT). The time commitment has grown to something more than we can handle here on a "hobby" basis.

The On Line Radio Trader was formed in May 1996 to provide computer-searchable antique radio ads for collectors. The internet was kind of in its infancy back then, and there weren't many options for computer-searchable antique radio ads. Of course the internet has grown a lot since, and there are now many such repositories of on-line radio ads.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who submitted ads over the past eleven years for their help and support. We won't be accepting any new ads, but we will accept ad cancellations. We'll leave all the current ads up a while longer before finally closing the pages.

We'd also like to thank our long time sponsor. Please visit Electric Supplier.

Thanks again for making OLRT so successful, and good luck in your radio collecting!

- Steve

24 December 2007

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